We are our Sister’s and our Daughters Keepers 


Project Butterfly Houston is the local branch of the National Project Butterfly organization. Project Butterfly is a national rites of passage program designed to prepare girls of African descent for their transition from adolescence to adulthood.  Project Butterfly offers age appropriate curricula, that contains culturally enriched exercises and activities designed to promote self- awareness, financial literacy, increase self-esteem, create a positive self-image, build character and develop leadership skills.

Rites of passage programs prepare young men and women to take on the responsibilities of adulthood.  The young people are guided to take full responsibility for their lives and how they will impact the world.

Our goal with Project Butterfly is to  1) foster and promote “a true sisterhood” among African American women and 2) to facilitate a culturally relevant Rites of Passage program for girls transitioning to womanhood.

We recognize the significance of the butterfly as a symbol of transformation and support the notion that change is possible during all stages of a person’s life.  It emphasizes the importance of knowing and understanding oneself in search for one’s purpose in life.  It also suggests that the only constant in life is change and offers a formula for transformation.

Project Butterfly emphasizes the importance of defining a mission in the lives of young female adolescents, helping participants make a connection between their life’s purpose, and their responsibilities to themselves, their families, and the community at large. It also teaches participants the importance of community involvement while promoting spiritual, physical and cultural awareness.

In order to support the girls in their Rites of Passage, the adult women must be emotionally, mentally and spiritually prepared to assist our young sisters in their development.  To prepare the women to assist the girls we use the book, “Inspiring the Souls of our girls: 10 Ways to Effectively Support Teenage Girls” by Niambi Jaha-Echols as a guide book for addressing the needs that many young woman and girls struggle with.  Other texts that will be used include the Project Butterfly book and workbook.

Niambi books

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