BooNiambiStefProject Butterfly Houston is the local chapter of  the national Project Butterfly rites of passage program founded by Niambi Jaha-Echols in Chicago, IL.  The Houston chapter is a collaboration of two visionaries, Busi Peters-Maughan of (WHEW) Women Healing and Empowering Women and Dr. Stephanie Jupiter of (BRP) Building Relationship Power Institute.  Recognizing the need for a culturally relevant Rites of Passage program for young girls, they reached out to the founder of Project Butterfly to begin the initial phase of starting a Houston Chapter.

In March 2017, the first group of women participated in the Women’s Rites of Passage which served the dual purpose of creating a true sisterhood among the women and as a Facilitator Training to assist young women in the future.

Butterfly Sistersempowered-women-empower-women